Naturehike ML150 sleeping bag review

Naturehike ML150 Sleeping Bag Review

Hey fellow hikers! In this post, we’ll be putting the Naturehike ML150 through its paces to find out why it’s a great summer sleeping bag. It’s a versatile, practical piece of kit that’s available on both Ali Express and Amazon at an affordable price. So without further ado, let’s discover why you can’t go hiking unless you’ve got one of these cozy, warm bags.


The ML150 has an envelope design, which means it is flat and rectangular in shape. It has a stitched seam on one of the long edges. On the opposite length, there is a zipped opening. The sleeping bag is double-sided, so you can have the opening on the left-hand side or on the right. Where the zip begins, there’s a Velcro flap that helps to keep the bag securely closed while you’re asleep.

The zip opening continues across the lower edge of the sleeping bag, allowing you to fold it out to form a large flat quilt. A nice feature of this bag is that you can zip or splice two versions together, to form a cosy sleeping bag with enough room for you and a partner.

The ML150 is available in several colors that will put a smile on your face even if the weather’s wet. Choose from mulberry (my favorite!), orange, green, sky blue, or navy. The smaller size is also available in black.

Naturehike ML150 sleeping bag review


If you’re a newcomer to the world of hiking, it’s important to know how to evaluate a sleeping bag’s warmth. Even in the summer, overnight temperatures can plummet dramatically, particularly in high, exposed areas – and the last thing you want to do is risk freezing to death. An essential bit of prep is to check out the weather forecast and the temperature range for your intended hiking destination, to make sure your chosen bag is suitable. Each bag will have a label with two ratings, to indicate the range of temperatures that it’s designed for. The Lower Limit Rating of the Naturehike ML150 is 8 degrees Celsius and the Comfort Limit is 15 degrees Celsius.

It means your ML150 summer sleeping bag is ideal for this temperature range. It’s described as a three-season bag, and you should be able to rely on it to perform adequately even with a few fluctuations in the temperature range. However, this is only a rough guide as each of us tends to feel the cold at different levels. I personally would think of this as a Summer bag only, but you can always add layers of clothing or a fleece if you start to feel chilly. Your tent and sleeping pad should also add a bit of insulation too, especially if the tent is double-skinned.


There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable sleeping bag, but luckily, the Naturehike ML150 is generously padded at a rate of 80 grams per square meter. It is filled with high-density imitation silk and hollow fiber cotton that makes the loft or volume of your sleeping bag appear thick and spongy while retaining its lightweight, insulating properties.

Naturehike ML150 sleeping bag review


The material of your sleeping bag should ideally be waterproof, just in case your old tent springs a leak. The ML150 is manufactured in an ultralight material consisting of a 20 denier nylon with 380 threads per square inch. The first measurement indicates the thickness of an individual thread. The second tells you how many of those threads are packed into an inch. The dense, textured weave of this sleeping bag’s cloth is fairly high and should reliably eliminate draughts and help to keep you cozy. The material is waterproof and has the added benefit of breathable qualities to help prevent your bag from becoming damp.

The lining is made from soft pongee fabric which usually has a matt appearance and silky texture. It has a thread density of 240 which should help to keep your bag both cozy and aired. Pongee is a woven polyester cloth that has slight flexibility which should add to the comfort and longevity of your sleeping bag.


The ML150 is available on Ali Express in two sizes. The smaller version measures 190 by 75 centimetres and the larger is 205 by 85 centimetres. Each of the sleeping bags can be condensed into small pack sizes measuring just 12 centimetres by 29 centimetres for the smaller version and 13 centimetres by 31 centimetres for the larger. The carrying bags for the sleeping bag features flexible cloth handles that allow you to attach them to the outside of your backpack.

Naturehike ML150 sleeping bag review


When you’re hiking, it’s important to keep all your equipment as light as possible. The ML150 scores highly in this category as it’s an ultralight bag that weighs just 580 grams in the small size and 760 grams for the larger version.

Naturehike ML150 Sleeping Bag: The Verdict

The ML150 summer sleeping bag is a simple, classic envelope design that falls into the ‘if it ain’t broke’ category. Its insulating layer provides the bag with a high level of warmth and comfort. It retains its volume well, even after being squashed into its carrying bag. With material that’s waterproof and breathable, it’s a comfortable, high-quality product that will last.

The ML150 is ultralight, helping to keep your pack weight to a minimum. Both sizes are generously cut to trap warm air and allow you the freedom to move in your sleep. The ML150 sleeping bag performs well across a wide range of temperatures, but it’s best for summer use.

Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed this Naturehike ML150 sleeping bag review. Make sure you check out the rest of our blog for more tips, tricks and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time!

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