Coleman Aravis Tent Review

Hi there, folks! In today’s spotlight is the fantastic Coleman Aravis tent. This tent has a lot of cool features – it’s a lot like bringing some home comforts with you on the trail! And one of its major plus points is its suitability for all types of weather – even strong wind and rain. The Coleman Aravis is available on Amazon at a bargain price, and you can have a read through our review here to find out why we think it’s a steal.


The Coleman Aravis tunnel tent has a double skin that creates a nice pocket of insulation against cold weather. In fact, when you’ve got both layers tightly zipped up, it can get quite snug even when you’re on your own. There are easy to adjust fly mesh flaps at the rear for ventilation which should be great for keeping condensation to a minimum. With overhead pockets for storing essentials and a ceiling hook for a portable lamp, you’ve got everything you need inside.

Is the Coleman Aravis as windproof as the manufacturer reckons? You bet! It’s got supportive external metal hoops across the center and at the narrow end of the tunnel to provide stability. So long as you get your guy ropes secure, the design of the tent is ideal for resisting minor gales and making sure that any rain runs off quickly.

However, my favorite design feature on the Aravis has to be the double doors. Both skins have zipped doorways built into either side of the tunnel to form a type of porch. You can keep one side securely shut against the oncoming wind while sitting in the cozy porch to cook your breakfast! If the wind changes, simply swap to the other door. On a really hot day, you can peg back both doorways to let plenty of fresh air circulate inside the tent.

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The Coleman Aravis tent is manufactured from a generous 68 denier polyester that is lightweight and flexible. The thread count is 210 per square inch, which means its weave is packed fairly close and tight. The material is reinforced with Ripstop which helps prevent rips in the first place, but if you do accidentally puncture it, the hole shouldn’t deteriorate into a bigger one. Ripstop is a clever manufacturing technique that involves weaving much stronger threads in both directions at regular intervals. If you take a look, you can see the textured check pattern in the fabric. The tent is available in an attractive two-tone green with a black border at the base.

The Aravis incorporates Coleman’s WeatherTecâ„¢ coated material which has great waterproof qualities. The hydrostatic head rating is a dynamic 5000mm for the exterior shell and 4000mm for the interior. This compares very favorably with the average HH rating for most tents. One other important feature of the material – one that none of us want to see in action – is its flame retardant properties. If the tent does accidentally catch alight, it should burn slowly and eventually self-extinguish. This should give you a chance of getting out unscathed.

Size and Weight

The Aravis weighs in at just 2.42kg. Okay, there are definitely lighter tents on the market. But you’d be lucky to find any with double-skin, porch, and room for up to three people. It should be a perfectly manageable option for hiking. As for space, there’s plenty of length in this tunnel tent. But – as the term implies – don’t expect too much width!

There’s a total floor space of twenty-two square meters which measures up to about 300cm in length and a maximum of approximately 257cm at its widest point. The height is 115cm, which isn’t too restrictive is you’re sitting down inside to have a meal. When your Aravis is folded and rolled, it measures around 39cm x 13cm x 14cm. I got mine into a 55-liter backpack without any difficulty. One tip is to always let the tent dry out completely before packing, in order to prevent mildew developing.

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If you’ve had a long day on the trail, the last thing you want is to pitch a fiddly tent at the wend. Luckily, the Aravis pitches with ease. It can take as little as five minutes to get your comfy, temporary abode up. The tent is held up by two adjustable aluminum poles. They have multiple sections, threaded onto a central cord, which provides good flexibility when pitching your tent, particularly in windy conditions. There are ten tent pegs manufactured in a straight design. The guy ropes are easy to adjust even if your hands have gone slightly numb with the cold.

Space and Storage

Elongated tunnel tents are great for providing storage space at the narrowest end. The Aravis has an area with a width of up to 60cm and a height of 35cm, which is more than enough for stashing away your excess gear or camera equipment. It helps to keep you organized and frees up valuable space for sleeping, especially if you are sharing with one or two hiking buddies.


The Aravis is in a slightly higher price bracket than some similar tents. However, it offers several advantages in design and performance that I think justifies its price, especially when Amazon has it on special offer.

Coleman Aravis Tent – Our Verdict

The Coleman Aravis is a decent tunnel tent that should perform solidly in all weathers. The insulation of the double skin, windproofing, and guy rope stability make it a cozy tent even in exposed conditions. The material has a great highest hydrostatic head rating, ensuring you should stay dry even in a heavy downpour. The ventilation is also adjustable to help condensation levels to stay low.

The Aravis is also lightweight for its size, and extremely durable. It’s easy to pitch and dismantle. And given the convenience of the versatile double-door vestibule, it really does represent great value!

Well, folks, that’s it for our Coleman Aravis tent review. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more tips, tricks, and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time!

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