Why Ultralight Camping?

So, what’s so great about ultralight camping? The simple answer is – everything! You can’t beat a good walk or ramble through the woods, or going to find a beautiful spot amongst nature to bed down for a night or two. And if you want to go and explore wild places, then why not pack as light as possible!

A lighter pack means you will arrive at your destination feeling refreshed rather than tired. It also lets you focus on your beautiful surroundings, rather than thinking about why you decided to throw the kitchen sink in your backpack! 

You can't beat a good hike through the great outdoors.  Ultralight camping is, we feel, the best way to do it!
You can’t beat a good hike through the great outdoors

At Thrifty Hiker, we’re all about encouraging people to sling on a backpack and get out amongst nature. We firmly believe that going ultralight is the best way to do this. Many are put off, however, by the cost of high-end ultralight gear. 

So we’ve curated the best quality, low price point gear we can find on this blog. We have years of ultralight camping experience, and we only post reviews of gear we genuinely rate. So if you’re an ultralight newbie and wondering where to start, you’re in the right place!

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself some quality ultralight gear and go hit the trail!