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Coleman Bedrock Tent Review

G’day, hikers! Reviewing a Coleman product is always one of my favorite tasks. There’s something about the high-quality workmanship and the attention to detail that makes me really impatient for my weekend hike. The Coleman Bedrock is a great little tunnel tent. It’s compact, ultra-lightweight, and very, very affordable on the Amazon website. In fact, if you’re new to exploring the countryside, it could be an ideal model to start with.


The key to choosing a good tent is looking for a versatile design and the Coleman Bedrock scores highly in this department. It has an aerodynamic, pointed wedge outline that helps to disperse strong winds away from the structure. Even in a storm, you can rely on the Bedrock to hold fast. With a single-pole, it’s easy to pitch and dismantle in just a few minutes. It also rolls up into a compact, lightweight package that easily attaches to any backpack.

A typical feature of many Coleman tents is the double door entrance. The Bedrock has a zipped doorway set into both sides of the tent. The contoured doors form roomy entrance halls where you can stash away your boots or torch when you settle down for the night. When you’re traveling with a companion, you’ll both appreciate having your own private exit point as it saves you disturbing each other if you ever need to go outside. Another great feature that’s overlooked in many similar tents is the clear, PVC window embedded in each door. Whenever I’ve ended up sheltering from the rain for half the day, I’ve been glad to admire the view without having to open up the tent.

The Bedrock is a double skin tent that’s versatile in any temperature. Inside the external tent is an inner capsule. Together, they create an insulating layer to fend off the cold. If you’re lucky enough to be hiking in a heatwave, the interior with its increased ventilation can be used separately.


I always think Coleman puts a lot of effort into the fabric of its tent collection. The Bedrock features a pliable outer cover that has a special UV Guard 50+ coating to protect the fabric from the burning heat of the sun. I must say that when I’m stuck on top of the Pennines in the pouring rain, I can’t help but think it’s going to waste! One feature you’ll really appreciate is the 2,000mm hydrostatic head rating that keeps your tent interior nice and dry. All the seams of the tent are taped for extra reassurance against leakages and draughts.

I always have a weakness for an integral, stitched in groundsheet as in the Bedrock. It keeps your interior snug and dry and helps to prevent insects from breaking in. Made of sturdy black polyethylene, the groundsheet is possibly the heaviest part of the tent. Coleman always puts fire safety as a priority. The material is formulated to burn at a very slow pace and quickly exhausts itself, giving you plenty of escape time.

Size and Weight

The Coleman Bedrock tent has a total length of 305cm and a width of 240cm, but that includes the porches. The inner sleeping area is more like 260cm by 135cm. The internal height is approximately 93cm. The Coleman Bedrock tent is marketed as a two-berth, but the definition depends on how tall you and your hiking friend happen to be. If you’re both on the small side you’ll manage to squeeze in, but anything near average height and build and you’ll probably feel more comfortable if your friend sleeps outside. Of course, depending on where you live, Covid-19 restrictions may prevent you from sharing with anyone at all!

You can’t fault the Bedrock for weight. At just 2.5kg it’s so lightweight compared to many other tents that you can hike for miles without it becoming a burden. Once you’ve got the hang of packing a tent, you’ll find the Bedrock is one of the easiest to stow away. It comes with its own protective cover and forms a neat pack just 54cm x 14cm x 14cm in size.


Pitching the Bedrock is relatively easy, even if you’re on your own. The stitched in groundsheet helps to provide quick stability and orientation. The tent is held up by a single pole. It’s made of fiberglass, which is really lightweight and even has a bit of give in it to help maneuver it under the fabric. If you don’t get it centralized and coordinated with the stretch of the guy ropes, you might find your tent sags a bit in the middle. With practice, you should be able to pitch the tent in around five minutes.

Space and Storage

The Coleman Bedrock isn’t the roomiest tent, but then no one realistically expects a tent in the ultra-lightweight class to have acres of space inside. For its type, the Bedrock offers additional, convenient storage in the porches and at the narrow foot end. Not many comparable tents can boast of such amenities. Inside, there are several handy pockets for keeping your mobile, maps, or a midnight snack within easy reach.


This is another thing in the Bedrock’s favor. It usually retails in a lower price category, but take advantage of the right opportunity and you can get an even better bargain from Amazon. Overall, this well-made tent represents incredible value for money.

Coleman Bedrock: The Verdict

So, how to sum up the Coleman Bedrock? Well, it’s extremely well-made. Coleman’s expert technology includes WeatherTec fabric to ensure you are always sheltered from the wind and rain. It’s also thoughtfully designed to deal with outbreaks of fire. There is good storage space, but the idea of the tent being for two people could be disputed by some hikers. If you’re on your own, there is more than enough room.

The double porches and doors with window panels are useful and convenient. They even provide added protection from the elements. If you’re on a hike that involves plenty of short stopovers, the Coleman Bedrock tent is the perfect companion as it’s compact, lightweight, and very little trouble to pitch and dismantle. I don’t think you’ll ever feel weighed down when you’re enjoying hiking through some fantastic scenery with challenging steep climbs and dips. And that, after all, is what you go hiking for.

Well folks I hope you enjoyed reading this review of the Coleman Bedrock. Make sure you check out the rest of our blog for more tips, tricks and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time!

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