Local Lion 40l backpack review

Local Lion 40l Backpack Review

If you’re a regular reader on the blog – or even if you’ve just read our name – you’ll know that we’re all about hiking and camping! Not only do these hobbies help you keep fit, but they also allow you to experience new environments and learn about nature. A backpack you can rely on is a necessity when you’re going on any outdoor adventure. Being outdoors usually means that you’ll need to carry tools across different terrains and through different kinds of weather. Today we are reviewing the Local Lion 40l Backpack– a bag that has an innovative design, and features to help you carry everything you need – without sacrificing comfort.


This Local Lion 40l backpack is a waterproof rucksack designed to withstand the harsh environments of outdoor escapades. Made from water-resistant nylon material, the backpack should keep anything you travel with dry and safe. The bag itself is also light and comfortable to carry on your shoulders. The backpack has become a favorite among outdoor lovers looking for a reliable backpack that could carry all their equipment. Whether your outdoor activity involves climbing, riding, or just travel, this backpack from Local Lion is a great go-to option.


The Local Lion 40l backpack is compact and will fit the back of an adult effortlessly. The dimensions are 50cm in height, 30cm in length, and 15 cm in width. The backpack dimensions allow a carrying capacity of 40l, which is about 4000 cubic centimeters of perfectly fitting equipment.


The bag is made of polyester. The straps have a PCV interior to give the carrier extra comfort and relief from pressure that comes with carrying heavy gear. The bag features plastic buckles that click in place perfectly and firmly, thus ensuring that the bag does not slip when on your back. Perforated net compartments made of nylon are also sewed into the back of the bag to provide room for hanging tools.

Color Options

The bag comes in six colors: green, orange, black, blue, yellow, and red. The jungle green and black bags are excellent choices for hiking in leafy areas, where you can blend into the terrain. The blue, green, and red variations of the bag are suitable for cycling around the countryside because they enhance visibility.

Local Lion Backpack Features

Stylish look

The Local Lion backpack brand is known for its stylish and trendy look. This makes it a favorite among the younger generation of adventurers. It exudes an urban and fashionable look when hanging on the shoulders of the carrier.

The adjustable shoulder straps enable the user to elongate or shorten the straps to fit the carrier perfectly. The backpack is also available in a variety of colors, something that gives users room for blending the bag with clothing attire that rhymes with their choice of color.

The zippers and plug-in straps on the back have a regular downward-looking flow when not in use, giving the bag a perfect finish. The bag has a conspicuous display of the logo at the top back and bottom that appears in white. This ensures that the crowds get to see what choice of brand you identify with.

Plug-in Straps

The bag features four adjustable plug-in straps on either side of the bag that enable you to hold in all your standard hand tools. The straps are placed at the back and edges of the bag, making it easy to retrieve a tool.

The bag has two added stretching plugs that enable the user to stretch and hold a long tool tightly. With the assistance of a small horizontal strap at the bottom, the adjustable stretching plug can be used in unison to hold in place a long and slim tool, such as a mountain climbing ice axe, on either side.

Water bottle pouch

One crucial aspect to consider when going outdoors is hydration. The long hours on rough terrain are bound to make even the experienced climbers dehydrated. This Local Lion 40l backpack has a breathable nylon pouch for your water bottle or beverage container. The tight-fitting stretchable strap at the top of this pouch ensures that you avoid accidental spills of your water or energy drink. The mesh design on this pouch retains the temperature of your beverage by allowing air to flow around, thereby preventing it from heating.

Top and bottom Buckles

The bag comes with double belt buckles – one around the chest and the other one around the waist. Using these two buckles ensures that your bag is securely attached to your body and avoids any chance of slipping regardless of the weight that is packed. The adjustable capability of the two buckles also provides room to vary the tightness or looseness of the buckle for extra comfort.

Triple ventilated Bear system

The bag’s shoulder straps are designed following the bear system that distributes weight carried in the bag evenly across both shoulders. Adding the waist buckle transfers weight to the waist from the back, enhancing comfort. The shoulder pads are also broad and curved to ease pressure on the shoulders when carrying heavy loads.


This Local Lion rucksack contains a large capacity main compartment for storing all your outdoor gear. Smaller compartments are also available at the back and either side of the pack. Small gadgets such as your smartphone and iPod can be quickly put and removed from the back zipper storage. The bottom part is perfect for large items like a sleeping bag.

Local Lion 40l backpack storage compartments

Caring for your Local Lion 40l backpack

Local Lion are known for their long-lasting and reliable products. To ensure that your bag remains in presentable and usable condition, however, avoid scratching the exterior of the bag on rough spaces like stones and walls. When not in use, do not store the bag under heavy items to avoid the pressure that can damage the overall structure of the bag. You should store the Local Lion backpack on a flat surface with nothing on top to enhance the lifespan of the bag. Avoid exposing the bag to harsh conditions like rain and direct sunlight.

Ready for a hike?

So, what’s the verdict on this backpack? After our Local Lion 40l backpack review, we recommend this product for both lightweight and heavyweight outdoor adventures. The bag packs many features and can carry a significant capacity. The bag is also available at a wallet-friendly price, and you have the freedom to choose your favorite color. Get this backpack for your next outdoor adventure, and you will be impressed.

Well folks, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this review of the Local Lion 40l backpack. Make sure you check out the rest of our blog for more tips, tricks and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time!

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