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3F UL Tipi Review

Howdy folks! Today we’re taking a look at this great 3F UL Tipi! We’re always impressed with the quality of 3F UL Gear camping essentials, and this tent has features you’re going to be mad keen to use. Its main advantage is its folded down, compact size. It will fit nicely on your backpack, and it’s so lightweight that you’ll hardly notice it. You can easily find the two to three-person 3F UL Tipi on Ali Express at an amazing price, but first, let’s check out why we think this tent is worth buying.


The design of the 3F UL Gear Ultralight Outdoor Camping Teepee is based on the traditional wigwam style invented centuries ago by North American indigenous tribes. It has six triangular panels of equal size arranged to form a hexagonal shape. The entire structure is held up by one extendable central pole that’s made of lightweight, but strong aluminum. It’s an incredibly compact design that makes the most of your interior floor space.

The entrance to the 3F UL Gear Tipi is through a zip up portal in one of the panels. There’s even a convenient toggle clip that enables you to hold back the door for easy access when you’re trying to wake up and get the stove working for an early morning brew. As a freestanding tent, it’s easy to assemble and dismantle and requires minimal fixing to ground pegs through the adjustable buckle fastenings.

The 3F UL Tipi, pitched with and without the inner tent

One design feature I’m sure you’ll love is the 20d mesh lining complete with an integral, waterproof base layer. The mesh helps to distribute the air flow throughout the teepee, an important factor when you’re in a relatively small space with one or two other hikers. It also provides a welcome layer of insulation when the temperature falls at night. Speaking of air currents, there is a curved ventilation flap on the exterior of every other panel.


The 3F UL Tipi is constructed from a high-quality nylon. If tent fashion is a major consideration, you can choose from an emerald green to tone with your leafy surroundings or a brilliant yellow that you can easily spot from a long way off. The exterior is made from 15d silicon nylon with a waterproof rating of >3000 mm. Combined with the teepee’s quick and easy assembly, it’s sure to keep you and your companions snug and dry whenever there’s a sudden downpour of torrential rain. The breathable inner mesh is made of 20d silicon nylon yarn and its base has the same waterproof rating as the exterior.

Size and Weight

This is the category where the teepee, or pyramid as some folks like to call it, really has the advantage over similar tents. To put it another way, has a compact tent ever provided so much interior room yet taken up so little storage space? Each of the six panels measures 140cm at its base. The maximum width across the interior diameter is 280cm. From the central pole to the middle of a panel, you have a space of 120cm. The height at the center is 160cm, which decreases as the slope of the tent moves to the exterior base edge.

3F UL Tipi interior configuration

Once you’ve collapsed the tent, you’re left with an incredibly compact roll measuring just 40cm in length and with a diameter of 15cm. The inner layer weighs 700g and the outside is a fraction heavier at 703g. The central pole weighs in at 54g and the wind rope is 178g. Add everything together and you have a remarkably lightweight package of 1,635g, which is enough to ensure you never have any arguments, at least, not about who’s turn it is to carry this great little teepee!

3F UL Tipi pack size


The tent couldn’t be easier to assemble. Unroll the inner layer and spread the integral base evenly on the ground. Fix the six corners with tent pegs before extending the aluminum support pole and fitting it to the inside at the top. Shake the exterior shell loose and fit over the tent liner, securing the buckle fasteners at the lower corners. It’s an easy construction to assemble whether you’re on your own or with companions.

Space and Storage

The height and all-round slope of the teepee doesn’t allow for much maneuverability or standing up inside. However, it makes up for this lack of headroom with its generous hexagonal floor space. This gives you a diameter of 280cm at every widest point. If you’ve invited two fellow camping enthusiasts to share your hiking adventure, the floor space divides equally into three if you each sleep alongside every other panel.


The compact one-room tent is fairly inexpensive considering it has that all-important double layer, which contributes greatly to your comfort.

3F UL Tipi – Our Verdict

So how does this amazing little teepee measure up in our 3F UL Tipi review? For a start, it’s a high-quality tent with an excellent double-layer design that seems like good value for money. Condensation and airflow are kept at comfortable levels thanks to the inner mesh lining. The integral base layer and the outer shell provide great resistance to damp conditions. Described as a three-season tent, it’s ideal for camping trips in all but the most extreme winter weather.

It’s really quick and easy to assemble and collapse down. In my own view, it’s a clear winner through folding into one of the smallest packages I’ve ever come across. As a tent for three people, it’s remarkably lightweight, which means you can still enjoy your hiking trip without feeling weighed down.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this review of the 3F UL Gear Tipi. Make sure you check out the rest of our blog for more tips, tricks and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time!

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