Geertop Libra Tent Review

Geertop Libra Tent Review

Howdy Folks. This week on the blog we’re taking a look at the Geertop Libra Tent– a 2-man, 4 season double skinned tent with a very competitive price tag. Its our first time looking at Geertop, but we’ve been hearing great things for a while and decided to check them out. Let’s take a look at the specs for the Libra:

Design & Materials

The Geertop Libra has a similar design to both the Naturehike Cloud Up and the Big Agnes Fly Creek. A single pole runs from the back of the tent to the front, and then forks out to slot into the sockets on the inner tent. The outer rain fly is then secured over the top of the inner tent. There’s a single entrance and vestibule, which is at the front of the tent rather than at the side.

The tent skin is made of 20D Nylon plaid with a silica coating. The rain fly has a whopping 8000mm hydrostatic head rating, meaning this thing will basically keep you dry in a monsoon. The poles are made of aluminium, and although they don’t specify what material is used for the stakes, we suspect this would be aluminium too.

Size & Weight

The Geertop Libra weighs in at 1.81kg – perhaps slightly heavy if you’re using it alone, but definitely into ultralight territory if you’re sharing it with a buddy. With the inner tent measuring at 210cm on the long side, and 125cm on the short, it has a fairly generous amount of internal living space – especially for one. The whole thing packs down into a very compact 40 x 13cm stuff sack.

Geertop Libra tent review

Geertop Libra Tent Review


So this tent is an inner first pitch. I can’t see it being too troublesome – like the Cloud Up, the Y-pole design allows the Libra to be freestanding. With this design it can sometimes be tricky to get the outer fly into the right position, but with practice this will be a tent you can pitch in just a few minutes.

You could also ditch the outer fly entirely if you’re expecting clear and dry conditions, offering the chance to shave even more grams off an already-welterweight pack.

Space & Storage

First let’s talk about the vestibule on this thing, as it looks pretty generous. It should easily be big enough to take a couple of meaty backpacks. If the weather turns, it looks like you could probably do your cooking inside the vestibule too.

In terms of living space, at 210cm long the head and foot clearance shouldn’t be problematic for anyone up to around 6’4 or so. However, at only 125cm across, it may get up close and personal if you have two people in there. But the large vestibule should ensure that it’s only people in there, not excess gear, which helps. The Libra also feature an ‘essentials’ gear pocket inside the tent, for your phone / head torch / whatever.

Wallet & Weight Impact

What with this being our first look at a Geertop tent, we don’t really have anything else in their range to compare it to. Its nearest analogue seems to be the Naturehike Cloud Up 2. If we compare it to that, the Libra comes in at a lower weight for exactly the same amount of interior space. Not only that, but the Geertop has a lower price too. Mega Thrifty points!


The Geertop Libra is one of the most affordable 4-season tents we’ve seen on offer from the big Ali Express brands. Freestanding with an 8000mm hydrostatic head, it should be able to take a punishing amount of rain and snow. It’s got a generous amount of space for one person, but even for two it shouldn’t be much of a squeeze. Add to that the generous vestibule and it’s clear that Geertop mean business with the Libra.

If you’re looking for a solid backpacking tent without having to break the bank, you could definitely do a lot worse than the Geertop Libra!

Well folks, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this Geertop Libra tent review. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more tips, tricks and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time.

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