Aricxi Tarp Tent Review

Howdy folks. This week on the blog we’re taking a look at the Aricxi Ultralight Tarp Tent. This pocket-friendly tarp is made of UL nylon that is coated with silicon on both sides. It’s a good choice when you are looking for cheaper and lighter outdoor gear on Ali Express. This review will tell you what you need to know about the Aricxi ultra-light tarp tent.

How To Waterproof The Tarp

It’s important to know that the seams on this tarp are not sealed by the manufacturer, and you need to do it yourself. If you’re getting one from Ali Express, you will find a tube of seam sealer to use to complete this.

It’s worth checking if there is seam sealer included as not every listing on Ali Express offers this. Apply the sealant on the main sewing lines when it is sunny then give it a little while to dry.

It’s advisable to test the ridgelines to make sure that they’re properly sealed to avoid getting disappointed somewhere out in the wild! Once you confirm that the Aricxi tarp has no leaks, it’s ready for use! You will be dry from any kind of weather condition you are bound to meet out on the trail.

Shape And Size

The Aricxi tarp tent is the perfect size for a solo adventurer. You will have space for your backpack, shoes or other items on either side of the tarp. When you adjust the Aricxi tarp to accommodate more than two people, you may find that the major ridgeline lowers getting closer to your body.

This can make the tarp a little uncomfortable, especially when condensation happens in most mornings. A solution to this is to add guy lines to the bottom edge of the tent. This neat little tarp could have been even better if the bottom end had one extra meter of silicon-coated nylon added in width. Despite this, the Aricxi tarp still does very well as a lightweight shelter.

Aricxi tarp tent, pitched

Pitching The Aricxi Ultralight Tarp Tent

Pitching this tarp is quite easy. You can use walking poles to erect the ends of the tent. You are also provided with stakes to use to secure the guy-lines. Using lighter stakes is good, especially when you are pitching the tarp with rocks.

The guy-lines are adjustable, making life easier when you want to adjust the tarp. The lightweight nature of the tent can make pitching difficult, especially if there are strong winds. Although this shouldn’t be a major concern, as it is a common problem for all tarps and tents.

How Durable Is The Aricxi Ultralight Tarp Tent

When it comes to the tarp’s durability, this is where the price really shows. You certainly wouldn’t want to be carrying this thing on an expedition to the North Pole. But it will serve totally fine for short trips in milder climates.

If you want to use it for many more nights in the future, keep in mind that the Silicon-coated Nylon will be a little fragile. This will help you know where you can or can’t use it. Do not expose the tarp to any form of abrasion, as it certainly won’t do well.

The SilNylon is one of the lightest materials you can get, but it comes at the cost of durability. So try to take care of it as much as possible. The material sags a little when wet, eating up some more space inside the tent.

So just imagine using it under falling snow – it won’t be the best shelter you’ve ever slept under! But for the price, you shouldn’t be expecting this tent to be bomb-proof. It’s ideal where you want something light and fast, somewhere you are not expecting to face unfavorable weather or climatic conditions.

Aricxi tarp contents

Pros And Cons Of The Aricxi Ultralight Tarp Tent


  • The tarp only weighs 310g. The weight is a boon to all you ultralight purists out there.
  • This tent is very cheap – mega thrifty points!
  • Very easy to pitch and the adjustable guy-lines are an added advantage


  • The material sags a little when damp, eating up more of the tent’s space
  • The lightweight material is easy to tear on a sharper or abrasive surface.

In Summary

You have learned a lot about the Aricxi ultralight tarp tent and you are probably asking yourself why you should buy this tarp for your outdoor use. As we wrap up, this tarp is a great choice for those people who need a cheap and lightweight shelter. It’s lightweight, easy to pitch, and provides enough space for one or two people. Just remember to be a little careful with it and you should get plenty of use from it!

Well folks, that’s it for now -I hope you enjoyed this Aricxi Ultralight Tarp Tent review. Make sure you check out the rest of our blog for more tips, tricks and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time!

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