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Fire Maple Stove Review

Hiking or camping in the wild is amazing. However, you need some gear to survive in the wild. The hiking or camping stove is one such piece of gear. Among the available camping stoves on the market is the Fire Maple stove.

Here is our detailed Fire Maple Stove review and our experience using it for our stream fishing adventures.

First Impressions

From the outside, the Fire Maple stove looks like a pretty solid product. The maker has ensured that everything fits together so that it can be put in a rucksack without some parts poking out of the package.

The body also feels durable when you tap on the side. This entire package weighs 511g without the gas, which is quite light compared to other stove models of the same size. Its dimensions are 128 mm by 173 mm, slightly bigger than the popular jet-boil stoves on the market.

Fire Maple Star 2 has a capacity of one litre, while the Star 3 has a capacity of just 0.8 litres. Everything else is similar between the two. We found it convenient to have all the cooking gear in one piece, as it makes it easier to carry it around and reduces the risk of damage while on the way. You are also less likely to forget some parts when preparing for the trip.



There are six components to the stove, which include canister support, a burner, pot support, a 230g fuel canister, a pot and a lid.

Its handle folds in place on the handle of the lid, and there is a latch on the other side to keep it in place. The pot has a locking mechanism that falls into place whenever you flip the pot down. It is pretty firm and less likely to accidentally release the steam.

However, we would recommend that you purchase an extra canister stand to stabilize the pot. This is because we found the top to be a bit heavier than the bottom and the canister does not extend outwards, which may cause the pot to fall over if the entire setup stands on unstable or soft ground.

We found it difficult to put the lid on the pot while it was on fire due to its small handle. The pot does not rattle when on the move, which is a testament to the workmanship that has gone into creating it. At the bottom of the pot is a heat exchanger that helps increase heat efficiency.

The exchanger is made in such a way that it allows oxygen through spaces to enhance combustion while ensuring that the flame is not put out by wind while cooking in windy conditions. The manufacturer claims that it increases the heat efficiency by over 30%, and we have good reason to believe them.

We feel that the pot would be better if it had a sprout. While the handle is great and does not get as hot as the rest of the pot, you may have problems pouring water into a cup, especially with the gloves on. Otherwise, if you are careful enough and tilt the pot at the right angle, you should be able to pour the contents without a problem.

Overall, the entire package looks great with only a few minor issues.

How does it cook?

Setting it up

The setup is like other camping stoves of this type. You place the gas canister on stable ground and then put it in place. Then lock the support canister onto the stove. It locks the pot in place for your cooking. Once you have put the food that you wish to cook in the pot, lock it in place and light your stove.

It should not take more than a few minutes to put everything together. Besides, the configuration is quite hardy, and you should not have any mishaps or injuries when cooking. If you wish to use a pan or a larger pot instead, the stove comes with an adapter ring to hold it in place.

Cooking experience and times

You can light the stove with any piezo lighter on the market. It has a valve to control the temperature of your food. This is a great feature when you need your food to simmer for a while at low temperatures.

The stove can boil water that fills the pot from almost the freezing point to boiling on a windy day in just over 15 minutes and less than ten minutes for water at room temperature on a calm day. You may want to cook in the shade if you need the food ready in a shorter period. High heat efficiency is also good for fuel economy, especially if you wish to camp for a few days.

One thing that was evident was that the flame was not extinguished by gusts of wind. This is great when camping in windy, very cold areas high up in the mountains.


  • The Fire Maple stove is a hardy accessory for hiking.
  • It is compact, lightweight, easy to carry and set up.
  • It cooks rather fast, even in windy conditions, thanks to its heat exchanger.
  • The handle is especially great as it is sturdy and has a good grip.
  • The size of the pot is big enough to feed one or two people.


  • The support canister may not hold in place on uneven ground, especially if the pot is full.
  • The lid is hard to lift when the pot is boiling.
  • There is no spout in the pot, and some people may have difficulty pouring liquids into containers with smaller openings.


The Fire Maple Stove is a well-designed and manufactured outdoor stove. It looks and feels like a premium cooking product. The stove is durable and hardy. Therefore, it should perform well throughout your outdoor adventure.

In addition, it takes quite a short time to cook, although it is affected by windy conditions. You do not need to learn anything beyond your initial setup to use the stove efficiently. From our Fire Maple Stove review, we believe it is a great product for solo outdoor enthusiasts who would like to cook in the wild and recommend it.

Well folks, that’s it for now -I hope you enjoyed this Fire Maple stove review. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more tips, tricks and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time!

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