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Fire Maple Stove Review

Long-time campers have plenty of experience when it comes to stoves. At some time or another everyone uses pop-can stoves, Simmerlite or Whisperlite set-ups, Primus canister stoves or Jet-Boil stoves. There is a world of difference between a good stove and a bad one, and the best ones transform meal preparation into a genuinely enjoyable task. Today we’re looking at something which does just that: the Fire Maple Stove.

The Fire Maple makes a strong first impression. It is made from high-quality, durable materials which comes as a pleasant surprise given the stove’s low price point.

The size and weight are similar to those found in other, similar all in one-stove-systems. It measures at 128mm x 173mm and only weighs 511g before it has been filled with gas.


The stove’s components fit together really nicely. It comes with that all-important nesting design that is invaluable when trying to pack a rucksack as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, the included bowl is a little too small to eat from and can be awkward when it comes to drinking too. However, if the bowl is removed then an extra gas canister can fit into the same space. This is both practical for carrying extra fuel and for ensuring the stove’s stability.

The Fire Maple Stove features the same general setups as most stoves of this type. The canister fits directly onto the burner and the pot is locked onto the top. Attaching the lid to the pot can be a little tricky and it is best to get this done before the pot is locked on top of the burner.

The pot would benefit from a better pouring spout as removing the lid from this pot can be tricky, especially when wearing gloves in a colder climate. These are only minor negative points however.

The pot features an excellent handle and it easily ranks among the best of its kind. To make things that little bit more stable, it is recommended that any customers also invest in a canister stand. This is because the stove is a little top-heavy and the stand helps avoid accidents.

The Fire Maple’s locking handle merits special attention. It locks into place whenever the pot handle is flipped down. Once it has clicked shut, it holds remarkably well and there is little to no chance of an accidental release.

This is a marked improvement on some of its similarly-priced competitors. For instance, some locks will collapse when the handle is squeezed and the pot is titled. This is the last thing anyone wants to happen when they are pouring hot liquids or trying to clean out the pot. As such, the locking handle is a strong mark in the Fire Maple Stove’s favor.

The Fire Maple also features a handy pot/pan adapter ring. This is perfect for anyone who wants to boil water or prepare a meal in a larger pot. There is no need to bring anything extra other than the larger pot or even a frying pan if desired.

When this stove was designed, the creators clearly took the time to pack in as much value through versatility as possible. While there are some minor negative features, that is to be expected at this price point. They are more than made up for by the extra capabilities this stove has and all of the extra accessories are even included with it.

Cooking Capability

The stove is very easily ignited that to the Piezo Igniter. Once cooking begins, the gas valve allows for easy and precise control of the temperature making simmering meals a simple task. The stove’s ability to boil water has been tested at +4°C with winds reaching up to 20mph and it only required 16 and a half minutes to boil a liter of local loch water.

The test was repeated with added shelter from the wind and the boiling time dropped significantly to a little less than 11 minutes. Other similarly designed stoves are capable of boiling water more rapidly in these conditions. However, the flame was never extinguished by the wind. The stove simply needs a sheltered spot to operate at high efficiency with a good fuel economy.

Verdict: Are Fire Maple Stoves Worth It?

This Fire Maple stove review finds that this is a very well-made all-in-one stove system that is highly recommended for one to two people. The design incorporates all of the features that could be expected of a more expensive model. The only difference is that the lower price point brings a longer boil time.

Additionally, the stove is capable of simmering water as well as boiling it. This makes it a great tool for people who want to cook meals that require some variety in their methods of preparation. All in all, this is a perfect stove for anyone interested in multi-day trekking that requires a versatile stove at a lower price point.

Well folks, that’s it for now -I hope you enjoyed this Fire Maple stove review. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more tips, tricks and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time!

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