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Our 5 Favourite Podcasts About The Outdoors

Today on the blog we get to combine two of our favourite things: outdoor adventure, and podcasts! So if you’re looking for a podcast to inspire you for your next trip, then look no further, as we’re bringing you a roundup of 5 of our favourite podcasts about hiking, camping and backpacking. Let’s take a look…

1) The Outdoors Station

Our Favourite Outdoors Podcasts: The Outdoors Station

Based in the UK, The Outdoors Station provides information, trip reports, and reviews of new outdoor gear. Whether you’re into backpacking, cycle touring, rock climbing or canoeing – The Outdoors Station has something for everyone. Featuring some incredible adventure stories from regular guest speakers, this podcast is bound to inspire you for your next journey into the wild.

2) The First 40 Miles

Our favourite outdoors podcasts: The First 40 Miles

Aimed at beginner backpackers and hikers, The First 40 Miles is packed full of tips, tricks, and stories to help you on your way. With over 200 episodes in their catalogue, there’s plenty of adventure to catch up on!

3) The Practical Backpacking Podcast

Our favourite outdoor podcasts: The Practical Backpacking Podcast

The Practical Backpacking Podcast has a very global feel to it, and is equal parts technical detail and inspiring stories. On this podcast you’re likely to hear regular guest adventurers telling of their experiences all over the world, as well as interviews with major players in the backpacking industry about new products and technical innovation.

   4) The Trail Show

Our Favourite Outdoor Gear Podcasts: The Trail Show

What’s not to love about a podcast whose tag line is ‘Less gear, more beer’!? Based in Colorado, The Trail Show offers listeners the chance to enjoy the lighter side of life on the trail, but also takes time to delve into interesting issues around land use, resources, and fisheries. 

5) Nature’s Call

Our Favourite Outdoors Podcasts: Nature's Call

Nature’s Call certainly has a unique angle on outdoor adventure. By looking at the history of backpacking and hiking through the eyes of the pioneering people that lived it, podcaster Cody Owen manages to put an entirely new perspective on our favourite hobby. 

That’s all folks!

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of our 5 favourite podcasts about the great outdoors. Did we miss your favourite off the list? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more gear reviews and how to’s. Til next time 🙂

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