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5 Awesome Pieces Of Ultralight Backpacking Cookware!

Okay, lets get one thing straight. Here at Thrifty Hiker, we love Titanium. It’s basically as light as you can go in terms of backpacking cookware, and yet is still very strong, and transfers heat evenly. The only problem is, it’s often expensive. But not so with the Ali Express brand ‘Tomshoo’, who are offering some absolutely bargain-priced Titanium cookware.

So we’ve compiled a list of the best bargain Tomshoo titanium camping gear we can find. All of the items on our list can be purchased through both Amazon and Ali Express, but we’ve gone for Amazon links here. Let’s dive in and take a look.

#5 – Tomshoo Titanium Water Bottle, 750ml

Tomshoo Titanium Water Bottle
TOMSHOO 750ml Full Titanium Water Bottle with Extra Plastic Lid

First on our list is this Titanium Water Bottle. Storing water without sacrificing weight is always a tricky prospect. Plastic is, after all, very light – but plastic pollution is such a huge issue that it’s better to have a reusable container rather than anything single use. With a capacity of 750ml and weighing just 167 grams, this Tomshoo bottle fits the bill nicely. It also has a cool carabiner loop on the lid. Pro tip: use the carabiner loop to hang the bottle from a branch!

#4 Tomshoo Titanium Pot / Cup / Mug, 750ml

If you’re planning on using that water for cooking, then you’ll probably be needing a pot for it. This 750ml pot/cup combo weighs in at an incredible 129 grams! The foldable side handles make this pot nice and compact, and there is even a twig or branch-friendly loop on both the lid and on the pot itself. There’s also a 300ml and a 450ml version of this pot available, to suit every need!

#3 Tomshoo Titanium Alcohol Stove & Rack

Tomshoo Titanium Alcohol Stove
TOMSHOO Outdoor Titanium Alcohol Stove & Rack Combo Set

This alcohol burner works much like a classic Trangia burner but, since it’s made of titanium, it’s much more lightweight. Weighing in at a teeny tiny 45 grams, this stove also comes with a rack that allows you to place pans directly over the burner.

#2 Tomshoo Titanium Portable Wood Burning Stove

This portable titanium wood stove can be taken apart to be stored flat, ensuring that the pack size is minimal. Weighing in at only 204 grams, this burner is an excellent solution for cooking, so long as you are camping somewhere that has lots of wood for fuel! It even comes with a highly portable, collapsible set of bellows included. This should help you to help get a fire going!

#1 Tomshoo Titanium Folding Spork

Ah, the humble Spork. Whether you love it or hate it, they certainly are a staple of most ultralight gear lists. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of sporks, but I certainly recognize them as very useful tools and am happy to take them with me on the trail. Just don’t expect to see me using one at home! This Tomshoo Spork weighs only 19 grams, folds down to save space, and has a carabiner-friendly handle too. 

Bonus Item: Tomshoo Cooking Set Bundle

Tomshoo titanium cook set bundle
TOMSHOO Lightweight Titanium 3 Pieces Set Titanium 750ml Pot 450ml Water Cup Mug with Lid Collapsible Handle Folding Spork for Outdoor Camping Hiking Backpacking

If you’ve made it this far, then we’ve got a special bonus item just for you! This Tomshoo cooking set features the 450ml cooking pot, the 750ml pot, and the folding spork, all enclosed in a handy storage sack. Best of all, you save quite a bit of money when picking up this set as opposed to buying all 3 individually!

Well, that’s all for now folks. I hope you enjoyed this rundown of our top 5 pieces of Ultralight Backpacking Cookware! Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more thrifty tips, tricks, and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time!

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