Aegismax Down Sleeping Bag Review

Aegismax Sleeping Bag Review

New to the blog? You can check out what we’re all about by going to our ‘About’ page. Today, we have an Aegismax Sleeping Bag review to share with you! I had the chance to try this down bag recently – it’s the bag I took with me when I reviewed the awesome 3F UL Gear Solo. So, let’s dive into this Aegismax Sleeping Bag review and see how it performed on the trip. We’ll enclose links to buy the product from both Amazon and Ali Express below.

Overview / Specs

I’d heard good things about this Aegismax down bag, but as with all sleeping bags it’s tricky to know whether the temperature rating is going to be accurate. Nevertheless, I thought I’d give it a go. It comes in at around half the price of similar western brand down sleeping bags, and is crazy small and light to boot.

The Aegismax Sleeping Bag Compared To A Coke Can
The Aegismax Sleeping Bag Packs Down Pretty Damn Small!


Okay, so let’s talk about the completely ridiculous size of this thing. The bag is mummy-shaped, and 200 x 86 cm (79″ x 34″). when unrolled for sleeping. It comes with a large sack that you should store the bag in when not in use, as down shouldn’t be stored compressed.

But the really cool thing about this sleeping bag is just how small a size it can compress down to. There’s a picture above of the bag next to a coke can, so you can see for yourself!


The large version of this bag had a stated weight of 698g (1lb. 8 oz.). I found mine went a shade over that at around ~710g, but a few grams over or under here and there is to be expected with ultralight gear.

Materials / build

This Aegismax down bag is listed as having 800 Fill Power 95 / 5 White Goose Down. The bag is mummy-shaped, and it allows you to draw the neck in around you with a draw-cord. According to the product description you can join one or more of the bags together by joining the zips, but I haven’t had the chance to try this out.

Aegismax Sleeping Bag Review

So, I had the chance to use this sleeping bag on a recent trip to a friend’s farm. It was only an overnighter, and the weather called for a chilly 9 or 10 degrees celsius. In other words, the perfect chance to try out a new bag! I had my North Face Cats Meow as backup so I knew I wouldn’t freeze to death!

Aegismax Sleeping Bag Review
The Aegismax Sleeping Bag Unrolled

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I found this bag to be super soft and comfy, which while not the reason I bought it, is a great little bonus! I was sleeping on top of my Naturehike sleeping mat but was okay with just this setup (no extra pillow). I’m 6 foot tall and fit into the bag quite easily.


So, this is the big one. The temperature on my trip never dipped below 10 degrees C so I haven’t been able to test this bag down to its comfort limit of 7 degrees C just yet. However I was toasty warm for the whole night, and never once needed extra clothes or my surplus North Face bag. I was wearing a set of sleeping thermals, in fairness, but I felt the temperature could have easily dropped by another 3 or 4 degrees before I would have become seriously chilly. So it seems like the comfort limit temperature of 7 degrees is probably fair

Aegismax Sleeping Bag Review
The Aegismax Sleeping Bag In Its Storage Sack


Okay, this is the one very minor bugbear I have about the Aegismax down bag. It always seems impossible to be able to fit it into its compression sack! I’ve gotten the hang of it now, but there is definitely a knack to it.


I shamelessly love this Aegismax Sleeping Bag. The only very small gripe is the time and effort it seems to take to get it into its compression sack. But even this is not a big issue, and I’m getting the hang of it with practice. 

The bottom line is that this is a lightweight, tiny pack-size down sleeping bag that’s perfect for 3-season use. And best of all, it comes in at around half the price of similarly spec’ed down sleeping bags elsewhere.

If you’d like to buy the Aegismax Sleeping Bag, you can do so by clicking here for Amazon. Alternatively, you can also buy it here from Ali Express.

Well, that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this Aegismax Sleeping Bag Review.

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2 thoughts on “Aegismax Sleeping Bag Review”

  1. Have you had a chance to test it at lower temps yet to get a better idea of its true limits? All the reviews I’ve read so far are like your – all tested at around 10c


    1. Hey Dave, not yet, unfortunately! It’s a little late for this year as it’s warming up here in the UK. But hopefully next Autumn / Winter I can take it out for a spin in colder temps.

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