Gosun Go Recipe Ideas

GoSun Go Recipe Ideas: Meat And Cakes!

Hey folks. Ever since I bought the GoSun Go, I’ve been thinking about how best to make use of it on the trail. And I’ve found that the longer I’ve had it, the more ideas I’ve come up with!

First, I cooked up some sausages (what else!). Next, I decided to try some funky looking (but very tasty!) tube omelettes. But I kept trying to think of even more basic uses for the GoSun- think minimal prep, and minimal fresh ingredients required. After a lot of dithering in supermarket aisles over the summer, I finally came up with a few uses for the GoSun that will work perfectly on the trail. And now I’m finally getting around to sharing them all with you! So let’s dive in at what I think are the two best uses for the GoSun: Meat and Cakes 🙂

The Meat

Right off the bat, the GoSun Go lends itself perfectly to cooking Kebab meat. After seeing a pack of 4 individual Kofta kebabs at the supermarket, I realised that they would fit perfectly into the GoSun’s cooking tube with no fuss and no waste.

I scooged all 4 of them directly into the tube, dispensing with the silicon trays for the sake of more space. This effectively created one giant, mega-kofta!

I cooked the kebabs on a fairly warm, clear autumn day. They were technically cooked after about an hour, but I left them in for an extra hour for personal taste. I needed to remember to open the tray every once in a while to let the moisture escape, but other than that it was a minimal effort for a super tasty result.

The meat was great on its own, but I’d definitely try adding in some peppers, onions or mushrooms if I had them with me on the trail!

One thing that’s important to note is that not using the silicon trays would make the GoSun harder to clean. This, combined with the need to carry fresh meat with you, means it’s probably only suitable to cook these on a day hike.

So you’d take your meat out of the fridge in the morning, hit the trail, cook up your kofta for lunch and then head home. Beautiful. Just remember to pack anti-bacterial gel soap if you’re handling meat, and always check that it’s cooked properly!

If you wanted a non-meat alternative, there are plenty of good options. Sosmix keeps well, tastes great and you’d only need a tiny bit of flour and some water to make the mix!

The Cakes

Ah, now on to my favourite part of any meal – dessert. There are plenty of great pre-made cake options available in supermarkets, but I was looking for those that needed the least fresh ingredients to cook.

And I finally hit on these pud in a mug desserts which were perfect for the GoSun. Technically, they’re meant for the microwave, but hey – I cooked them in the GoSun and survived. Your mileage may vary 🙂

Now, these cake mixes do need a little milk. And that’s where your secret weapon comes in: powdered milk. If you use powdered instead of fresh, you basically have a super lightweight, long life cake mix that’s ready to pop into the GoSun Go. All you need is a little water to mix into the milk powder and you’re set.

I decided to use the silicon tubes to cook the cakes in, as I wanted to keep them self-contained. They took about an hour to cook, again on a fairly clear and warm day. As for taste, I can’t say that these desserts were any less delicious for having used powdered milk instead of fresh. When you’re exhausted after a long hike, you’ll probably just be grateful for the sugar and the calories!

Each pudding you want to take with you on the trail shouldn’t weigh more than 100 grams or so – at least in terms of the dry ingredients. We’ve not counted the water weight, as it depends how much water you want to mix with the milk powder (i.e. thicker vs thinner).

Got a great GoSun Recipe to share?

Well folks, that’s all for now. Have you got a great GoSun Go recipe you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more tips, tricks and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time.

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    1. They were delicious! Loving the GoSun so far, and can’t wait to get more use out of it again once winter is over 🙂

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