5 Great (and cheap!) Gifts For Hikers This Christmas

With the holidays now firmly upon us, we thought it was time to put together a list of great gifts for hikers – so you can show the special hiker in your life that you care! However, we’re firm believers in the idea that Christmas shouldn’t break the bank, so we’re bringing you a roundup of great gifts that are all cheap as chips. Let’s take a look at our picks:

Remember: If you’re buying from Chinese brands like Aegismax or Naturehike, then sometimes the shipping can take a little while. So if you are shopping for someone for Christmas, we’d recommend buying early to make sure it will get to you on time.

#1: Jonhen Portable Campfire Bellows

Gifts For Hikers #1: Jonhen Portable Campfire Bellows
Whoever came up with these is a genius!

These portable camping bellows definitely fall into the ‘Why didn’t I think of that!’ category. The telescopically extendable pole allows you to supply your campfire with precious oxygen from a safe distance. This set from Jonhen come very well rated, and weigh only 29 grams / 1.76 ounces! With a stainless steel construction, this set of bellows should help you stay warm on the trail for years to come. 

#2: Aegismax Down Slipper Booties

Gifts For Hikers #2: Aegismax Down Slipper Booties
Warm feet will be a must this holiday season!

Who likes cold feet? Nope, I got nothing. These Aegismax Down Slippers come at a very reasonable price, and feature 90% white duck down. Weighing just 75 grams / 2.64 ounces, these slippers will help keep your feet warm on the trail for a low price and low weight penalty. Best of all? You can slip them on for Christmas day!

#3: Aegismax Down Hood

Gifts For Hikers #3: Aegismax Down Hood
Head and toes… covered!

Need a hood (US link) to go with those slippers? Luckily Aegismax has you covered there as well. Weighing the same as the slippers at 75 grams / 2.64 ounces, you’re sure to keep toasty warm if you go for the set. Just remember to get matching colours 🙂

#4: Merino Wool Buff

Gifts For Hikers #4: Merino Wool Buff
We love a good Buff!

Multi-purpose? Check. Light weight? Check. Low price? Check. The humble Buff has a lot to offer every hiker on the trail. This Merino Wool version is quick drying, breathable and weighs in at just 54 grams / 1.9 ounces.

#5: Naturehike Packable Waterproof Backpack 

Gifts For Hikers #5: Naturehike Packable Waterproof Backpack
This packable backpack is a must have for any hiker!

This foldable backpack from Naturehike is the perfect ‘grab it and go’ backpack for shorter hikes, but also serves equally well as a day pack on a longer trip. Weighing in at just 120 grams / 4.23 ounces for the 18 litre version, and packing down to fit in your palm, you’ll barely notice it’s there!

What did we miss?

Well, that’s it for our list folks – what are you planning to get your hiking-mad friends and family as a gift this year? Let us know in the comments!

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* Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this review, and it should be assumed that we have not personally tested any of the gear featured.

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