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Our Top 5 Picks From The HUGE Ali Express Sale

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Nothing quite captures my imagination (and hurts my wallet) like the words ‘Ali Express’ and ‘Sale’. Yep, it’s happening – the already crazy low prices at this online retailer are getting slashed further, with over 50% off certain products in their mid-year sale. And given the stupefying amount of stuff on Ali Express, we’re giving you our top 5 camping picks that we’ve seen on offer so far. They’re all products from the Naturehike brand, who we personally rate as great quality.

Please note though – we wanted to throw this blog post together quickly so people could take advantage of the sale. As a result, we may not have personally tested all the items we’re about to show you. We recommend always looking at the feedback and reviews of these products before buying, to make sure you’re happy with them. If you’re completely new to Ali Express, you might also want to check out our guide for what to expect. Having said that – let’s get into it:

Naturehike Mongar Tent

The Mongar has been on our wish list for a while…

The Naturehike Mongar is one tent we’re really excited to try. And at this price, we’re certainly tempted to take the plunge! It’s currently discounted at a mammoth 47%, making an already great value backpacking tent a total steal. The Mongar may be a little on the heavy side for one person, but it looks roomy enough to be a true 2-man offering. So splitting the load with a friend might be the way to go.

Naturehike Cloud-Up Tent

The Naturehike Cloud-Up is a great alternative to the Big Agnes Fly Creek

The Cloud-Up is another solid offering in Naturehike’s range of budget, lightweight tents. We took a sneak peek of the 1-Man version a while back. And although we haven’t gotten round to testing it in the elements yet, it was certainly impressive. It’s also lighter than the Mongar, so it’s a good option for anyone really trying to shave grams from their pack weight. Currently selling at up to 50% off, this one’s not to be missed!

Naturehike Colchon Sleeping Mat

The Naturehike Colchon Sleeping Mat

This Naturehike Sleeping Mat would make a perfectly good first-time camping pad, or a spare for a friend who wants to try going ultralight. Weighing just 430 grams for the basic mat, there are several variations – including a separate inflation bag and an integrated pillow section. We’ve slept on this mat before, and consider it an excellent option for the price. Speaking of which, it’s currently discounted by a whopping 52%!

Naturehike Dry Bags

These dry bags from Naturehike get the job done, and are a total bargain!

When it comes to dry bags, there’s not much need to reinvent the wheel. The best ones tend to be durable, and no-nonsense. These dry bags from Naturehike deliver all that, and also have the advantage of being wallet-friendly. Currently selling for a ridiculous 58% off, you might want to get in there quick!

Naturehike Foam Sleeping Pad

This sleeping pad is a great alternative to a Thermarest Z-Lite

Hankering for a Thermarest Z-Lite, but can’t stomach the cost? Then look no further than this Naturehike foam sleeping pad, which by all accounts makes a great alternative. Although it’s likely to be a little heavier than a Z-Lite, you can (and many have) chop down the segments to make a smaller, lighter version. And considering it’s selling at a 57% discount right now, the price is certainly right!

What’s your favourite?

Well, that’s it for now folks – if you’re interested in these bargains, best be quick – the sale is only on until June 24th. And – happy shopping!

Spotted another great bargain in the Ali Express sale? Then why not share the love with your fellow Thrifties in our comments section. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more money-saving tips, tricks and gear reviews from the trail. Until next time.

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