Best Cheap Naturehike Tents

3 Cheap Naturehike Tents We’re Desperate To Try Next Season

These days, there’s a lot of decent ultralight tents out there which won’t cost you a fortune. In fact, with so many great looking new tents, we’re struggling to keep up! Too many tents, and not enough time for us to review them all 😀

So today we’re bringing you a roundup of 3 cheap Naturehike tents we’re desperate to try out for the next camping season! Let’s take a look:

#3 Naturehike Mongar 2-Person

The Naturehike Mongar comes in at a 2.15kg / 4.73lb pack weight. Although it’s a little on the heavy side for one person, sharing the weight on a two-person trip should mean you still come in at ultralight territory. There’s also a stated ‘trail weight’ of 1.8kg, suggesting you can trim this tent weight down a little if needed.

The design of the Mongar is similar to the (significantly more expensive) MSR Hubba Hubba NX. It’s made of 20D Ripstop Nylon, has a 4000mm hydrostatic head, and features two entrances and vestibules, meaning plenty of room for gear storage. 

#2 Naturehike Cloud Peak 2-Person

The Naturehike Cloud Peak 2-Person weighs in at 2.5kg (5.51lb). Again, you’d probably want to split the pack weight between two people. The Cloud Peak features a mesh top with waterproof cover, a nifty little innovation designed to improve ventilation inside the tent. As with the Mongar, there’s also 2 entrances and vestibules so there should be plenty of room for you and a friend.

#1 Naturehike Cirrus 2-Person

The Naturehike Cirrus has a stated weight of 1.99kg / 4.39lb, making it just about light enough for 1 person, although 2 would probably still be preferable. Featuring a 3000mm hydrostatic head, included groundsheet, and a vestibule area that looks big enough to cook in, this looks like a great all-round 3-season tent for the money.

Well, that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this roundup of cheap Naturehike tents. Until next time, have fun on the trail!

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*Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this review, and it should be assumed that we have not personally tested or reviewed any of the gear mentioned.

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